Tatsumi no Mori Green Park




Shibuya ~ Tatsumi

[JR Saikyo Line]
Shibuya ~ Ozaki (12 min)

[Rinkai Line]
Ozaki ~ Oi-machi (3 min)
Oi-machi ~ Tennōzu Isle (5 min)
*Tennōzu Isle ~ Tokyo Teleport (3 min)
*Tokyo Teleport ~ Kokusai Tenjijo (2 min)
Kokusai Tenjijo ~ Shinkiba (5 min)

[Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line]
Shinkiba ~ Tatsumi (3 min)
Tatsumi ~ Yurakucho (9 min)

*Rinkai area

Directions from Major Stations
7min walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Tatsumi Station
15min walk from Shinkiba Station on JR Keiyo, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho, and Rinkai Lines
East Japan Railway Company
Tokyo Metro
Rinkai Line

Park infomation

Adjacent to the Tatsumi no Seaside Park, the park features long park paths and open grounds.
The Tatsumi no Mori Green Park with all its vast green is particularly recommended during the flower-viewing season.

Inside the park are various flowers and trees for all seasons, including cherry blossoms, roses, meadowsweet, calamus, camellia, plum blossoms, and more.
The paths are ideal for cycling, jogging, and walking.

The grass fields feature play facilities for children and small hills, making it popular weekend spot for families with children.

The park paths are recommended for cycling, jogging, and walking courses.
Tatsumi no Mori Green Park – Yume no Shima Green Park – Shinkiba Green Park – Wakasu Seashore Park

December , 1975
Tatsumi no Mori Green Park 1-Chome, 2-Chome Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Toilets (2 locations), water fountains (8 locations)
Use the Tatsumi no Mori Green Park parking lot (fee-based).
History of Sakura
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