Harumi Terminal Park



City bus

Route Start By way of Final
City 03 Yotsuya Station Ginza 4-Chome Harumi Terminal
City 05 Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit Ginza 4-Chome / Yurakucho Station Harumi Terminal
Nishiki 13 Ko

Kinshicho Station

Toyo 3-Chome / Toyosu Station Harumi Terminal

Park infomation

Harumi Terminal Park is the ocean gateway to the international city of Tokyo.
The port park is symbolized by its passenger terminal. With fountains and areas lined with trees, there also is a portside promenade lined by luxury passenger ships and cargo ships traveling from all over the world. The park atmosphere provides the joy of nature and cosmopolitan excitement. There also is a small observation deck from which can be seen the Rainbow Bridge and the entire Tokyo skyline.

The berth adjacent to the park is operated by the University of Tokyo, the Fisheries Bureau, and the National Institute for Sea Training and is a docking site for government ships. It often is used as a filming site for dramas and movies and apparently there is a high probability of spotting someone famous.


5-Chome Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo – Harumi Terminal Park
Toilets (1), fountain, waterfall, stream, docked ships, clock tower, statue (bronze), observation deck, benches, water fountains, flower beds, rest spots, observation sand lot, vending machines (beverages)
The adjacent Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal offers a fee-based parking lot.
Inquiries: Rinko Service Office, Passenger Ship Terminal – TEL: 03-3536-8651
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