Symbol Promenade Park

Symbol Promenade Park

Symbol Promenade Park connects Aomi, Ariake and Odaiba, offering links to various facilities in this coastal subcenter of Tokyo. The underground space below the Promenade holds the common utility duct, which is the lifeline of the subcenter area, as well as evacuation sites in case of disaster and many other facilities. Meanwhile there is greenery and water, as well as places for people to walk and gather for all the visitors to Symbol Promenade Park. It has particularly become a well-known locale in the subcenter area recently for botany enthusiasts to enjoy the colorful tulips in the spring and the "OMOTENASHI-Garden" in the summer.

Park Info

Date Opened April 1, 1996
Area When Opened 264,205.28 m²
Location Symbol Promenade Park 1 & 2-chome, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo / 1 & 2-chome, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo / 2 & 3-chome, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo-to
Parking Building A, 119 spaces
Building B, 115 spaces
Parking fee in both buildings is JPY 600 for the first 2 hours and JPY 150 for every 30 minutes thereafter (tax incl.).
Check the Tokyo Teleport Center “Coastal Subcenter Parking Map.”
Click here to go to the Tokyo Teleport Center website.
Main Plants Butcher’s broom, Japanese Judas tree, camphor tree, Asiatic dogwood, Japanese snowbell, bamboo grass, Japanese beautyberry, cherry blossom, cockspur coral tree, crape myrtle, clover, false daphne, hamahisakaki, shaggy hair, crape myrtle, Chinese tallow tree, Thunberg’s meadowsweet, Japanese zelkova, sharinbai, tulip tree, round leaf holly willow, Japanese pampas grass, ubame oak, dawn redwood, cape jasmine, Japanese pagoda tree, sudajii, Japanese horse chestnut, red spider lilly, Japanese chestnut, kousa dogwood, Japanese bush cranberry, apricot, mulberry, silverberry, plum, Burmese rosewood, Asian bog myrtle, pomegranate, Nanking cherry

Symbol Promenade Park



Highlights (West Promenade)

Seaside Plaza

This plaza connects to Odaiba Marin Park. It’s a popular Odaiba spot with a sweeping view of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

Seaside Plaza

Waterfall Plaza

This plaza features a waterfall that flows down into a large pond. A brook runs from the pond into the plaza, making a nice place for workers in the area to relax and refresh.

Waterfall Plaza

Flame of Freedom

This is a piece by French sculptor Marc Coutelier that symbolizes Napolean III’s victory. It was presented to Japan by France in commemoration of France Year in Japan. The Flame of Freedom’s total height including the pedestal is about 27 meters.

Flame of Freedom

Other decorative objects dot the park grounds in various locations. Try seeking them out as you stroll along.

Flame of Freedom1

Flame of Freedom2

Flame of Freedom3

Flame of Freedom4

Highlights (Center Promenade)

Dream Bridge

This large, maximum 60-meter wide pedestrian bridge connects Aomi (on the Palette Town side) with Ariake (on the Tokyo Big Sight side). It was built with a “bustling festival” concept. Its lighting creates the beautiful impression of an Edo-period firefighter and the bridge is a well-known place to go in Odaiba on evenings. You should especially go on a Friday night when all the lights are on.

Dream Bridge1

Dream Bridge2

Highlights (East Promenade)

Stone and Light Plaza

The plaza runs north and south from Tokyo Big Sight to Ariake Tennis Park.

Stone and Light Plaza1

Stone and Light Plaza2


Yurikamome Line

Directions:Yurikamome Line

Directions from Major Stations

New Transit Yurikamome

Get off at any station between Odaiba Kaihin Koen and Ariake on the New Transit Yurikamome.

Rinkai Line

Directions:Rinkai Line

Directions from Major Stations

Get off at Tokyo Teleport Station or Kokusai Tenjio Station on the Rinkai Line.

Tokyo Cruise

Take a sightseeing boat (water bus) from Hinode Wharf and get off at either Museum of Maritime Science or Tokyo Big Sight.

Airport Limousine (Shuttle Bus)

15 – 25 min. from Haneda Airport and 70 – 75 min. from Narita Airport. Get off at Hotel Nikko Tokyo. Get off at the Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba or at Kokusai Tenjijo. Airport Limousine:


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