Shiokaze Park

Shiokaze Park

A predecessor of Shiokaze Park was Landfill No. 13 park, created on one plot of Landfill No. 13 based on the Tokyo Bay First Revision Plan. Later, when this area and the surrounding area were being converted into Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center, from 1992 to 1996, full-scale improvement work transformed it into Shiokaze Park.
The largest park in Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center, it has facilities suited to the seashore and a park and is located adjacent to Odaiba Kaihin Park. And from the park, you can gaze upon the beautiful scenery of Tokyo Bay with the Rainbow Bridge in the background.
It is expected to take on the function of the central park of the developing Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center.

Park Info

Date Opened June 1, 1974
Area 154,939.86 square meters
Address Shiokaze Park Higashi-Yashio 1-2, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Number of trees 12,800 tall trees
27,600 shrubs
Main vegetation Cockspur coral tree, olive, Japanese black pine, crape myrtle, Quercus myrsinifolia, Machilus thunbergii, gray bottlebrush, Matebashii trees, wax myrtle and Washington palm



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Shiokaze Park is divided into north and south parts by the Bayshore Route (Shuto Kosoku Wangan Sen), and because of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and deterioration, the bridge has been removed. So we ask that you take an alternative route when traveling to the northeast area.

More on the alternative route here. mapPark map


Mizu to Midori Promenade (water and greenery promenade) (south area)

This is the main garden road connecting the south central entrance and the Funsui Hiroba (water fountain plaza).

Washington palms and cascades produce an exotic atmosphere. The scenery stretching out in a straight line has a magnificent sense of scale.


Funsui Hiroba (water fountain plaza) (south area)

This is a plaza you reach after going down the Mizu to Midori Promenade.

It is the best spot in the park for looking at Tokyo Bay and you can get a 180 degree prospect.

Hidamari Hiroba (sun plaza) (south area)

This is a square on the west side of the south parking lot. With the playground equipment "Shiokaze Maru" located nearby, it is a recreation area for children.


Shiokaze Maru (south area)

This is combination playground equipment in the shape of a ship.

The only playground equipment in the park, it is extremely popular with children.

Cherry Blossoms (south area)

There are rows of cherry trees along the Water and Greenery Promenade.

From early March to late March: Oshima cherry (a sea of white)
From early to mid April: Yoshino cherry (an illuminated sea of pink) 

Cherry blossoms map

Cherry blossoms information


Machi to Umi Promenade (town and sea promenade) (north area)

When you exit the Town and Sea Promenade after entering from the north central entrance, you can take in beautiful scenery including a container terminal on the opposite shore and Rainbow Bridge.


Yuhi no To (tower of the evening sun) (north area)

When you exit the Machi to Umi Promenade after entering from the north central entrance, you will find the Yuhi no To (tower of the evening sun).

It was built as a sundial, and two times a year on the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox, you can see a mysterious light when the sun sets in a gap in the center of the tower.


Taiyo no Hiroba (sun plaza) (north area)

This is an enormous circular plaza, the largest in the park.

It is used for a variety of purposes including picnics and other events.


Barbecue Plaza (north area)

Enjoy a barbecue while gazing at the vast ocean and Tokyo Bay.

If you use a package plan that includes a portable cooking stove and food, you can have a barbecue with no advance preparation other than a reservation! 

バーベキュー広場  バーベキュー広場

Rest House (north area)

This spot on the east side of Taiyo no Hiroba has pleasant breezes and is a great place to take a rest. Why not try this spot for a picnic lunch break after working up a sweat in the park?

Be refreshed by the pleasantly salty sea breeze.


Solar Power Plant (north area)

On a garden path in Shiokaze Park leading to Machi to Umi Promenade from Taiyo no Hiroba, Tokyo Metropolis, an NPO and businesses joined forces to install a solar power plant, kicking off the Tokyo Solar City Project, which aims to stop global warming and expand the use of renewable energy.

Electricity generated at the solar power plant is offered for free in Shiokaze Park and is used in park facilities.

Also, as a symbol spreading the messages to prevent global warming and use more renewable energy, the solar power plant is used for various types of events and can be an independent power source during disasters.

Sunday Afternoon on Shiokaze Park Island (north area)

The sculpture called "Sunday Afternoon on Shiokaze Park island" on the Coast Deck is one of the park's famous attractions.

It is a wondrous sculpture that takes on an entirely different shape depending on whether it is viewed from the front or the side.


Coast Deck (south & north areas)

Take in beautiful scenery including a container terminal on the opposite shore and Rainbow Bridge.



Yurikamome Line

Directions:Yurikamome Line

Directions from Major Stations

New Transit Yurikamome

5 min. on foot from Daiba Station.

5 min. on foot from Fune no Kagakukan Station.

Toei Bus

The Toei Bus from JR Hamamatsucho Station (Niji 01 system) -> went out of service April 1, 2013
Take a bus bound for Tokyo Big Sight, one bound for Kokusai-Tenjijo Ekimae or one bound for Telecom Center Ekimae. Get off at Daiba. Bureau of Transportation Tokyo Metropolitan Government - Toei bus (Japanese)

Tokyo Cruise Ship

Take Tokyo Cruise Ship (Fune no Kagakukan Line) to Fune no Kagakukan (Museum of Maritime Science).

Tokyo Mizube Line

Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association Tokyo Mizube Line (Ryogoku to Kasai) to Aomi.

See the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association's "Koen e Ikou!" home page (Japanese) for details.


Paid Parking
Shiokaze Park (north) tel. 03-5531-0951
Shiokaze Park (south) tel. 03-5531-0952
Call for parking lot details.
See the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association's "Koen e Ikou!" home page (Japanese) for details.

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