Management and Administration of Marine Parks, etc.

TPTC is an agency designated with managing and administering marine parks and other facilities along with partner companies.

Tokyo Port Terminal – Teleport Center Group

Parks managed by Tokyo Port Terminal – Teleport Center Group include those that attract tourists from across Japan, parks where one have fun with sports and recreation, as well as places to enjoy views of the port and various other parks. The company works as hard as it can to make maximum use of their special traits and create thoroughly attractive parks.

Shiokaze Park

▲Shiokaze Park

Odaiba Kaihin Park

Odaiba Marin Park

Parks Managed
Odaiba Marine Park Harumi Terminal Park Symbol Promenade Park Tatsumi Greenway Park
Aomi North Terminal Park Water Plaza Park Tatsumi Seaside Park Shinkiba Park
Higashi Yashio Greenway Park Dream Island Park Aomi South Terminal Park Ferry Terminal Park
Akatsuki Terminal Park Shinkiba Greenway Park Aomi Greenway Park Ariake West Terminal Park
Harumibashi Park Shiokaze Park Aomi Central Terminal Park Daiba Park

Ariake Tennis and Management Team

Ariake Tennis Park which is managed by the Ariake Tennis and Management Team, is comprised of vast green spaces as well as the Ariake Coliseum and 48 tennis courts that can host international tournaments.
Roughly 600,000 people visit every year (as of 2008). The team is working hard to further develop this park as a tennis mecca abounding with greenery.

Ariake Coliseum

Ariake Coliseum

Ariake Tennis Forest Park: Ariake International Ladies Open

▲Ariake Tennis Park: Ariake International Ladies Open

Parks Managed
Ariake Tennis Park Tennis courts: 48 Ariake Coliseums: 1 Capacity: 10,000

Wild Bird Society of Japan

Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park, which is managed by the Wild Bird Society of Japan, was built with the help of active local residents, NGOs and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to preserve for future generations the habitat of wild birds and other wildlife on the reclaimed land in the southern part of the Oi Terminal area.
The park continues to provide valuable opportunities to experience nature up close.
The society deeply understands the history and significance of the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park and tirelessly works to add to its value and find ways to attract many visitors.

Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park: Inside the Nature Center

▲Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park: Inside the Nature Center

Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park Observation blinds

▲Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park: Nature Center

Parks Managed
Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park Nature centers: 1 Natural study centers: 1 Observation blinds

Wakasu Seaside Park Group

Wakasu Seaside Park, which is managed by the Wakasu Seaside Park Group, is a place where one can experience the sea and nature, enjoy sports and recreation, as well as have fun with activities such as golf, yachting, saltwater fishing and cycling.
The group is developing business by making utmost use of the knowledge it has thus far cultivated so that it will be more than capable of demonstrating the appeal of its facilities.

Golf Links Golf House

▲Golf Links Golf House

Yachting Practice Area

▲Yachting Practice Area

Parks Managed
Wakasu Seaside Park Wakasu golf links: 18 holes Wakasu yachting practice area Wakasu park grounds (fishing area, cycling road)

Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation

Koto Ward Wakasu Park, which is managed and administered by TPTC, has camp grounds, bicycle rentals, a multi-purpose plaza and more.
To answer park visitors’ diverse needs, we provide high-quality service and plan and organize various events throughout the year for them to enjoy.

Wakasu Camp Ground Park bicycles

▲Wakasu Camp Ground Park bicycles

Wakasu Camp Ground

▲Wakasu Camp Ground

Parks Managed
Koto Ward Wakasu Park Camp grounds: 117 sites Cooking pagodas and outdoor grills Cycling facilities


A store, a tennis shop, vending machines and public telephones are set up for marine park visitors.


Odaiba Marin Park Store

Ehukai Beach

Ehukai Beach








Board storage, locker rentals and showers are provided to visitors at Odaiba Marin Park enjoying windsurfing and playing in the water.

Board Storage

▲Board Storage



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