Effective Use of Surplus Construction Soil

We use surplus soil from public construction projects generated within Tokyo Metropolitan Government as materials for infrastructure development at the Port of Tokyo, land reclamation at regional ports and other purposes.

Effective Use of Surplus Construction Soil at New Marine Disposal Site

Exterior of Tokyo Port, Central Breakwater Site (No. 1) We collect surplus construction soil generated in Tokyo Prefecture and develop infrastructure for disposal sites at the Port of Tokyo’s Outer Central Breakwater Site (No. 1) and the New Marine Disposal Site.

Effective Regional Use of Surplus Construction Soil

We make effective use of surplus construction soil as land reclamation material for regional harbors as well as by accepting and shipping it from the shipping center at the Inner Central Breakwater Site.

Receiving Center

▲Receiving Center

Ship Transport

▲Ship Transport

Effective Use of Sea Floor Earth and Sand

We make effective use of earth and sand on the sea floor generated by dredging in the Port of Tokyo by burying it back in the deep waters off Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture, helping to make a better place to fish.
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