Greeting from the President


The Port of Tokyo, the marine gateway to Japan's capital Tokyo, is one of the largest international trade ports of Japan with large-scaled container terminals. As one of world-leading ports, it plays key roles in supporting social and economic activities in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area with a population of 40 million people.

Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation was founded in 2008 through the succession of business of Tokyo Port Terminal Public Corporation. This year marks the 11th year since we became a joint-stock company.

Since its establishment, our company has addressed various challenging issues in foreign-trade port operation including promotion of unified management of container terminals and countermeasures to correspond to jumboized container vessels. As a result, the Port of Tokyo has boasted the largest foreign-trade container throughput in Japan for 21 consecutive years since 1998.

The enviroment surrounding Tokyo Bay, on the other hand, shows various historical changes such as development in world trade structures/logistic trends and reorganization of container logistic sector.  To cope with such situation changes, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment as the port manager, our company aims at addressing innovation of technology and increasing amount of cargo. and implimenting projects at both the hard and soft aspects for higer quality of service.

Furthermore, on the occasion of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, it is expected that many people from home and abroad will visit Tokyo, and thus the Tokyo waterfront area, where major Game-related venues will be concentrated, is attracting much attention from all over the world. As a designated management company for marine parks and passenger vessel terminals located in the Tokyo waterfront area, collaborating with various stakeholders Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation will make best efforts to contribute to creating a fascinating waterfront space which is eligible to be a symbolic representation of the Tokyo metroplitan area, as well as meeting needs of facility users.

The Port of Tokyo is a port with no parallel in the world in terms of its proximity to the capital city. Through our  business, we intend to make our best efforts, by all of the company, to disseminate information to the world, and to contribute to further development of Tokyo Port, as trusted company to chose.


Hiroshi Hattori,
Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation


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