Odaiba Marine Park

Odaiba Kaihin ParkPlan

Odaiba Marine Park  has sand and rocks surrounding a quiet cove that spreads out beside Daiba Park (Battery #3). Odaiba is one of Japan’s lading tourist spots sporting a fusion of natural water and greenery with futuristic scenery such as Rainbow Bridge, the Fuji Television Building and urban resort hotels. This is the heart of the continuously evolving coastal subcenter of Tokyo. You can spend a fun time regardless of the season at Odaiba Marine Park, which is also famed as a standard stop for students on school trips and travelers from within Japan and abroad. Many have been spiritually soothed by the truly magnificent and beautiful sunset and night view seen from Odaiba Marine Park. You can enjoy the view as you stroll along the beach or grassy lawns, or from the observation deck or the Skywalk.

Park Info

Date Opened December 1, 1975
Area When Opened 510,809.79 m² (including 435,395.00 m² of water)
Location Odaiba Kaihin Koen, 1-chome, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
Parking Park Central Parking 101 spaces, North Gate Parking 244 spaces (Open 24 hours, JPY 600 or 2 hours, another JPY 150 every 30 minutes thereafter).
Parking is free for those with a Physical Disability Certificate. Bring some form of identification (no copies) on the day you visit the park to verify that you are the holder of the certificate. Parking fees are paid upon exiting the parking area, so please speak to an attendant or use the intercom when exiting. Show your certificate (no copies) along with your parking ticket at that time.
For parking-related inquiries:Tokyo Teleport Center, Inc. TEL: 03-5500-5672
Main Plants Pine, cherry blossom, bamboo species, crape myrtle, Japanese mahonia, Japanese rose, Japanese stone oak, Japanese cheesewood, Japanese laurel, sharinbai, hydrangea, camellia species, Thunberrg’s meadowsweet, maple, hyugamizuki, abelia, Japanese iris, holly olive, Japanese privet, multiflora rose, cockspur coral tree, Japanese sago palm, kaizukaibuki, sangoju, ubame oak, Japanese pagoda tree, hamahisakaki, false daphne, black locust, tulip tree, flowering quince, azalea, satsuki azalea, Japanese photinia, magnolia, olive



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Odaiba Beach

Aomi Container Terminal Ground Plan

Odaiba Beach is a manmade beach approximately 800 meters long in the heart of Tokyo. Many people come to the various events that are held from spring through fall. The scenery with Rainbow Bridge and the skyscrapers on the opposite shore from the beach that fascinates the visitors is also very beautiful from evening and on into the night.

Aomi Container Terminal Ground Plan

Beach volleyball (Phiten Beach Volleyball Tokyo Open)

Odaiba Kaihin Marathon

Odaiba Kaihin Marathon

Odaiba Beach in the evening

Odaiba Beach in the evening

Marine Lantern Festival

This festival is held on every July on Marine Day and is a summer tradition in Odaiba. Candles are lit in the paper lanterns that color the night view of the Port of Tokyo as their light interweaves in a picturesque design.

candlelight Aerial view of the paper lanterns

Aerial view of the paper lanterns

Statue of Liberty (Replica)

To commemorate France Year in Japan, the original Statue of Liberty in France was brought here for one year starting in April 1998. A replica was then made and put in its place. It stands about 11 meters tall from the pedestal and weighs approximately 9 tons.

Statue of Liberty (Replica)

Water Bus Stop

The water bus comes from Asakusa, Hinode Wharf and other locations to this landing in the center of the park. You can also take an excursion along the front of Odaiba Marine Park.

Water Bus (Odaiba Kaihin Park Stop)

Observation Deck

Enjoy a big panoramic view of Tokyo including Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and the city’s skyscrapers.

Observation Deck

View from observatory


Yurikamome Line

Directions:Yurikamome Line

Directions from Major Stations

New Transit Yurikamome

3 min. on foot from Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station.

3 min. on foot from Odaiba Station.

Rinkai Line

Directions:Rinkai Line

Directions from Major Stations

Rinkai Line

7 min. on foot from Tokyo Teleport on the Rinkai Line.

Water Bus (Odaiba Marine Park Stop)

20 minutes from Hinode Wharf (8 min. on foot from JR Hamamatsucho Station) to Odaiba Marine Park. 15 minutes from the Museum of Maritime Science to Odaiba Marine Park. See Rainbow Bridge and the sunset or night view from the sea to feelthe new wonders of Odaiba.

Airport Limousine (Shuttle Bus)

15 – 25 min. from Haneda Airport and 70 – 75 min. from Narita Airport. Get off at Hotel Nikko Tokyo. 
Airport Limousine http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/


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